My Journey

My Journey to a new world of sounds.

My first Cochlear Implant
On the 7th of July, 1998, I received my first cochlear implant. It was the beginning of a new life for me. The whole process started on the day my friend Maddie told me about her cochlear implant. Then followed the search for a surgeon, the tests to see if I would be a suitable candidate for a CI, the struggle to gather the funds for the operation, the operation itself, the switch on and the following months when my brain adapted to all the new sounds. That was the first wonderful journey.

My bilateral Cochlear Implant
In 2005 I received my second Cochlear implant in the other ear. I never thought that a bilateral implant could make such a big difference to my life, but after seeing how it changed my friend, Ronel’s life, I decided that I could not let this opportunity slip by. Going stereo was the beginning of yet another life changing journey. Read more...

CI Info
If you are exploring the possibility to have a CI, also have a look at Cochlear's website at for more information.