July 1998

I am Rosi Adendorff. I turned 50 on 5 July 1998, I'm married to Peet and I have 4 children. 

Having been deaf since I was 3 years old, discovering the internet opened a new world of communication to me. It became a new way of life which also opened the door to my journey back to the hearing world. On the internet I have found out about Cochlear implants as well as all the information which led me to explore the possibilities of having one myself. 

I am a different person now than I have been for the first 50 years of my life. I have started a whole new life in a world of sound. My perception of life has changed in the sense that I now look at people and the environment with greater appreciation. I am more thankful for things I accepted earlier as a matter of course. Because I love people and making conversation, it is a miracle that I am now once more able to be part of it all. I am a positive person and my mottos in life are 'Think and live positive' and, 'Things are not so bad. There is always something worse that could have happened.'